Fireworks at North of the Border

Our Annual Buy 1 Get 2 FREE Winter Sale continues!

Our Summer was great and the Fall has been beautiful but the time has come for the much anticipated Winter Sale!  We know that many of our customers wait all year for this sale in order to stock up on their fireworks because you just don’t get any better deal than Buy 1 Get 2 FREE.  We have OVER 125 items at this great sale price!  Some of these items are new but we have many of your old favorites as well.

Stop in and Stock up!

The following items are all Buy 1 Get 2 FREE!!!

Big Snow Aquarian Single Shot 5″ Asst. Color Fountain
Blinking Dragon Canister Single Shot Asst. 9″ Fountains
Boomsday Magical 100 Shot Barrage Crazy Thing
Breath Taking Soccer 3″ Crackling Diamond Willow Cuckoo
Century Garden 3″ Bandit Bees Festiva Fountain
Circus Circus 3″ Rockin’ Robin Four Seasons Single
Cloud Dragon Greeting Color Chrysanthemum
Cobra Strike RELOADABLES Hot Roll
Color Pearl 48 Shot Artillery Shell Killer Bee
Color Pearl 96 Shot Asian Aces Mini Mi Amor
Cosmic Creature Asian Quads Mountain Spring Waterfall
Crackle Mania Fab Five Picturesque
Crazy Beautiful Festival Ball Pink Crystal
Garden in Spring Little Liberty Popcorn
Green Bamboo Ninja Artillery Shell Sounds of Summer
Happy-Large Whistling Blaster The Roof is on Fire
Happy-Medium The Swarm
Jungle Cat 500 GRAM REPEATERS Whiteout
Magician Blast Radius
Night Fishin Breaking Point SMOKES
Orb Weaver Close Call Mammoth White Smoke
Prototype Excelsior Asst. Color Smoke Balls
Pyro Party Finish Line
Thunder claw Glittering Galaxy NOVELTIES
Thunderstorm Gold Dust Asst. Snakes
Toot & Twirl Independence Spirit Mega Strobes
Twitter Glitter Large Metropolis Magic Whips
Unleashed Moonlight Delight Mystical Fire
Vivid Twilight Neptune’s Fury Party Poppers
Watch Out Pure Awesomeness Party Popper Box of 72
Yellow Bees Purple Storm Tank w/Star
Road Block Tank w/Star Box of 12
100 String Scramble SPARKLERS
400 String Silky Sky 8″ Gold Wire Double Pack
ThunderBomb Half Brick Surround Sound
Orion 1″ Safety Crackers Wrong Turn GRNDWRKS ASSORTMENTS
The Bomb Economy Novelty & Fntn Asst.
4,582 Bandolier w/headbomb Bombastic Barrage 2 WHEELS
Grand Finale Whistle Tri-Rotating Wheel
Air Cavalry ROCKETS
Double Night Parachutes BOTTLE ROCKETS Butterfly Rocket
Mammoth Parachute (day) Moon Travelers Clustering Bee Rocket
Whistling Moon Travelers Glitterous Light Rocket
AERIAL SPINNERS Parachute Rocket
Medium Night Plane ROMAN CANDLES Ring Rocket
Reconnaisance Plane Gallactic Rainbow Shrieking Crackling Rocket
Thunder Balls Trident Asst. Rockets
MISSILES Tracer Shells

We are your Premier Poconos Fireworks Destination

Nestled at the northern tip of Lake Wallenpaupack in the scenic Pocono Mountains, North of the Border fireworks is in the best spot to meet the fireworks demands of the Pocono Mountain area. We carry a large selection of fireworks: from sparklers to mortars, and roman candles to 500g cakes. All of our product is viewed by the owners and staff at NOTB to offer you the best items and most impressive selection. We stand behind our product because we are the ones that picked it out. Yes, we know, that’s pretty much unheard of in today’s retail environment. We trust our staff so much because we’ve observed how much they care when assisting our loyal pyromaniacs around the shop. So if you want a staff that’s friendly and will go out of their way to help you, NOTB Fireworks is there to help.


  • Missiles Missiles
  • Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
  • Rockets Rockets Be they big or be they small, these are fun for everyone.
  • Roman Candles Roman Candles Little mortars that repeat. Light them once and watch the show. Hold them at your own risk
  • Firecrackers Firecrackers Singles, mats, bandoliers: They come in many forms, but they all produce quite a bang.
  • Reloadables Reloadables Reloadable and preloaded. Set the fuse and watch them go up then blow up.
  • Repeaters Repeaters Light 'em and leave 'em. Sit back and watch a cascade of breaks and effects, timed for beautiful results.
  • Ground Works Ground Works