Free Fireworks? Sign me up!

Have you ever just been sitting around thinking to yourself, “Man, I want some fireworks but I really don’t want to pay for them?” Well, maybe not in those exact terms, but we here at North of the Border have done just that!

No, you can’t just walk in and grab some loot at no cost, but there is a great way to get some free stuff: Merely buying fireworks will do it, also, Sign up for our VIP Program. Its not hard at all.

Free Fireworks with Every Purchase

So yeah, you get free stuff with every single purchase that you make. Yes, even on a $1 purchase you will get something extra thrown in your bag. Spend more and you’ll get more free fireworks. It is as simple as that.

Free fireworks as a VIP member

It isn’t nearly as much of a pain as you think. You buy fireworks, and you get points that go towards more fireworks. As a matter of fact you can sign up right here, and have your $5 instantly credited to your account! All we need is your name and email address, and you are suddenly a Very Important Pyromaniac.


Sign up today, there is really no downside!


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