So what’s the deal with the PA fireworks laws? Well, to be frank, it can be a little confusing to wrap your mind around. Not only are there PA regulations that affect your ability to buy fireworks, but within those regulations are references to titles and provisions in federal code and to definitions set forth by the American Pyrotechnics Association. I looked extensively through these codes and bills and came out with a headache.

To spare you the unneeded migraine of reading through those pesky PA fireworks laws, I’ll try to simplify the process. Let us first define what fireworks are. You have three types of pyrotechnic devices that most people refer to as fireworks. Ground based items, labeled “safe and sane,” consumer fireworks, and display fireworks.

How are Fireworks defined?

Let’s eliminate display fireworks from the conversation. These are huge, dangerous, and heavily regulated. You need a federal permit to get these, and fireworks retail outlets won’t carry these anyway.

Safe and Sane “fireworks” aren’t even considered fireworks by the state. There is no regulation on these, and anyone can walk into a store and purchase them.

Consumer grade fireworks are where it gets tricky. These are the ones that go up and blow up: mortars, cakes, firecrackers, roman candles, etc.

How to get consumer grade items according to PA fireworks laws

To purchase these, as a PA resident, you need to get a permit. These are simple forms that you fill out and have signed by a township official. Its not as hard as you think to get these. Download the form, head to your local fire station, precinct, or town hall and inquire within. We have plenty of customers who have had success. Remember, please be respectful, they are under no obligation to sign anything for you.

Out of state? No problem.

If you aren’t a PA resident, the protocol is a little more straightforward: bring your out-of-state photo ID, we will have you sign a waiver of liability stating you will take them out of state, and you’ll be on your way.

We don’t have any control over the laws, but we do abide by them. So if there’s ever occasion where we are unable to sell the aerial stuff to you due to the PA fireworks laws, please forgive us! We aren’t going anywhere, and as soon as you get your documents in order, we will be happy to serve you.

Zach is Media and Marketing coordinator at NOTBFireworks as well as a graphic designer and writer. He has been involved with fireworks retail and operations since 1993 when he was 9. Zach isn't sure he's too happy about that.

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